I’m still trying to put back the pieces to my heart

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I miss my bro’

free Bill free savage free CT free red free them ferg boyz free yourself from that capture you let them folks put on ya if you know what im talm bout

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I need to finish this damn painting and stop playin like these hoes

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45 degrees and we got on long sleeves and shorts wait they said no long sleeves plus 5:30 in the morning and we finna run

gurl just get me them supreme slides and we go together

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if you aint never wore no hush puppies I cant trust you.no.

I wore mine to church…

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the first anime I ever seen had titties all in that bitch like I was young af I thought I was watching a cartoon my uncle cool af I remember that shit like it was yesterday menthols n shit I miss Pittsburgh but I know it aint the same

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"its good for you"

"its good for you"

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